Not every EV has four wheels

The global market for electric scooters, motorbikes, motorcycles and three-wheelers is set to triple by 2030. Today, over sixty million are sold every year, and most run on fossil fuels. Battery electric models are in demand, but the lithium-ion batteries found in many eBikes and other two wheelers regularly catch fire due to poor heat dissipation or overcharging–a major problem in cities such as New York and Mumbai.

No lithium, no cobalt, no fires

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The ideal battery for any climate

In 2023, many countries experienced multiple days with highs above 45° C. With little to no pack ventilation, high ambient temperatures can lead to heat-related failures in the lithium-ion batteries used in most electric two and three-wheelers. Designed for normal operation at elevated temperatures, inherently non-flammable Alsym batteries are ideal for electric scooters, motorbikes, and three-wheelers.

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Low-cost, high-performance

Low-cost, high-performance Alsym batteries can help OEMs position electric two and three-wheelers at price points competitive with ICE models, speeding adoption across both consumer and commercial segments. They can replace lead-acid, NiMH and lithium-ion batteries in many applications and combine performance and safety at price points that make them affordable for nearly every buyer.


Fixed or swappable: it's your choice

Whether you need a fixed, permanent pack or you’re working on the next generation of swappable batteries, Alsym technology can suit a range of use cases and form factors. Our non-flammable batteries are safe for both indoor and outdoor charging, and are a great option for battery-as-a-service business models.