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We’re excited to announce a $78 million Series C funding round led by Tata Ltd. and General Catalyst

The non-flammable, high-performance alternative to lithium-ion

Alsym™ Energy has developed an innovative low-cost, high-performance rechargeable energy storage technology that’s free of lithium and cobalt, and ideal for a range of stationary storage use cases, including utility grids, home storage, microgrids, industrial applications, and more. This will be followed by future products for marine applications and EVs including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and passenger vehicles.

Alsym batteries are non-flammable and non-toxic by design, and are built using readily available materials with robust, uncomplicated supply chains.

Target Markets

  • Stationary & Grid Storage
Energy Vault Tower, an innovative renewable energy storage solution.

Stationary & Grid Storage

Stationary & Grid Storage

Electricity generation is shifting to renewables, but on their own, renewables can only be relied on for supplemental or backup power. It is only when wind and solar are coupled with energy storage that service level agreements (SLAs) supporting 24×7 delivery become possible and renewables can be considered as a primary power source.

Lithium-ion batteries are inherently flammable and mostly unsuitable for urbanized areas due risk of fires and highly toxic gases. Governments and communities are becoming reluctant to deploy lithium-ion batteries as high-profile storage fires become more common, and some are working to delay or even block new storage installations.

Safer options exist, but most have low energy densities and low power with large footprints. This reduces viability in cities where land is expensive–assuming it’s even available. But siting large battery installations in rural areas means building new transmission capability, which is also expensive. With system-level capacities similar to lithium-ion and the ability to operate at elevated temperatures, Alsym is the only high-performance, non-flammable battery storage option capable of replacing lithium-ion in urban areas.

Alsym batteries can be used for any discharge duration from 4 to 110 hours, and can recharge in as few as 4 hours. This means Alsym batteries can easily be used for short, medium, and long-duration storage without the need for additional technologies (we call this wide-duration storage). They combine high energy and high round-trip efficiency with a minimal footprint to offer low, industry-leading levelized cost of storage (LCOS).

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Maritime Vessels Company showcasing a ship sailing through waves

Marine & Maritime

Marine & Maritime

Lithium-ion fires are notoriously difficult to extinguish at sea, especially on large cargo ships and oil platforms that can be hundreds of miles from the nearest port. But marine-grade lithium-ion systems are expensive, leaving shipowners reliant on high-sulfur fuel while they wait for next-generation blue and green fuels. Alsym batteries can help eliminate use of diesel fuel in and near ports, and can even be used safely to help regulate output from fuel-cell systems.

As port equipment goes electric, Alsym batteries can be used for load shifting to ensure 24×7 operation. They can be used in cranes and drayage trucks to reduce diesel fumes, and even pair with hydrogen fuel cells to increase generation capacity to support shore charging for large vessels.

Alsym batteries can be used for both hybrid and fully-electric vessel applications, as well as offshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms, and drilling rigs.

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Electric Scooter

Two & Three-Wheelers

Two & Three-Wheelers

The global market for electric scooters, motorbikes, motorcycles and three-wheelers is set to triple by 2030. Today, over sixty million are sold every year, and most run on fossil fuels. Battery electric models are in demand, but buyers are extremely cost-sensitive and concerned about battery fires. Lithium-ion batteries found in many two wheelers regularly catch fire due to poor heat dissipation or overcharging–a major problem in cities such as New York and Mumbai.

Our low-cost, non-flammable batteries are poised to be an ideal solution for the two and three-wheeler market, maximizing performance and profit margins while greatly reducing the risk of fires. Alsym batteries can be used for both internal, built-in storage and battery swapping systems.

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Passenger EVs

Passenger EVs

EV prices have been changing frequently due to volatility in the lithium-ion supply chain, but drivers remain concerned about the availability of charging infrastructure. This is driving increased demand for hybrid models, and putting increased attention on electric grids. However, the leading lithium-ion technology is inherently flammable; burning EVs are much more difficult to extinguish than gas or diesel cars, and lithium-ion batteries can reignite hours (or even days) after a fire seems to be completely over.

Alsym batteries are inherently non-flammable and non-toxic, significantly reducing the risk of injuries and property damage. They are an an ideal solution for both traditional and plug-in hybrids, and can even be used to support charging stations during peak demand periods,

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The future of clean energy depends on economically viable, zero-carbon electrification, which requires a new approach to energy storage systems. You can make a direct impact by helping us build the world’s first low-cost, high-performance, non-flammable and non-toxic rechargeable battery. We’re growing and hiring for roles in all departments.