The low-cost, non-flammable
battery storage technology

Alsym™ Energy is developing low-cost, high-performance battery technologies for use in stationary storage, maritime shipping and two-wheelers, followed by solutions for electric vehicles. Our proprietary wide-duration battery technology avoids lithium and cobalt, taking advantage of readily available materials that are inherently non-flammable and non-toxic, reducing costs and increasing safety and sustainability.

Safe, affordable battery technology for an electrified future

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Safe, Alternative Battery Storage Technology

Alsym is working to deliver system-level performance comparable to lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the cost and risk.

Stationary & Grid Storage

Electricity generation is shifting to renewables, but solar and wind power must be backed up at scale to ensure 24/7 availability. High battery prices are slowing the pace of storage deployment, and storage integrators are competing with automakers for supply. Lithium-ion systems (including LFP / LiFePO4) are mostly unsuitable for urbanized areas due to fire risks and production of highly toxic gases. Safer options exist, but most have low energy densities and low power with large footprints.

Our low-cost, non-lithium technology allows utilities and project owners to deploy sustainable wide-duration storage without the need for subsidies, and non-flammable and non-toxic materials enable use in areas with high population densities. Alsym technology combines fast charge rates and on-demand user-configurable discharge durations with high round-trip efficiency in a minimal footprint for maximum energy and power with low levelized cost of storage (LCOS), making them ideal for both short-duration and long-duration energy storage (LDES) needs.

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Marine, Maritime & Offshore

There’s little tolerance for hazardous battery chemistries at sea. The maritime sector has aggressive decarbonization targets, but extensive safety engineering makes lithium-ion systems expensive, and shipowners are worried about fires.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries, Alsym batteries are made from materials that are inherently non-flammable, reducing the risks to human life and cargo and helping to lower insurance costs and cumulative liabilities.

Hybrid vessel applications include peak shaving, spinning reserve, low-speed arrival / departure, and hotel loads. Applications for fully-electric vessels include short-sea shipping, OSVs, harbor vessels and ferries. Alsym batteries can be paired with hydrogen, ammonia and methanol fuel-cell systems, and can even be used for offshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms, and drilling rigs.

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Electric Vehicles

Even with recent advancements, the cost of lithium-ion batteries is is higher than what’s needed for EVs to reach cost parity with comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This means that most EVs are being purchased by affluent buyers in wealthy nations. High prices are slowing the pace of EV adoption, especially in developing nations. Safety is also a concern. EV fires emit deadly toxins, and can require up to 6 hours and 20,000 gallons of water to fully extinguish.

Low-cost, high-performance Alsym batteries will enable global adoption of battery-electric vehicles across consumer and commercial segments. Our non-flammable materials can help OEMs increase design flexibility, and low installed costs can make it easier to reach ICE pricing parity.

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Electric Motorcyles & Scooters

The global electric motorcycle and scooter market is set to triple by 2030. Today, over sixty million are sold every year, and most run on fossil fuels. Battery electric models are in demand, but buyers are extremely cost-sensitive and concerned about battery fires. Low-quality lithium-ion batteries found in many eBikes and other two wheelers regularly catch fire due to poor heat dissipation or overcharging, leading to injuries and deaths.

Our low-cost, non-flammable batteries are poised to be an ideal solution for the two-wheeler market, maximizing performance and profit margins while greatly reducing the risk of fires. Alsym batteries can be used for both internal, built-in storage and battery swapping systems.

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Alsym Energy:
Safe. Sustainable. Scalable.

As the world transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the need for safe, low-cost battery technology is increasing rapidly. Alsym battery technology is ready to meet this demand.

Our technology addresses the unavoidable shortcomings of lithium-ion batteries (including LFP / LiFePO4), which are expensive, inherently flammable, and toxic. Alsym is working to deliver system-level performance comparable with lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the cost and risk, helping to make the move away from fossil fuels safe and affordable for everyone around the world.

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The Alsym team is committed to developing new battery technologies that match the performance of lithium ion at a lower cost, designed with sustainability and safety in mind.