The low-cost, non-flammable
alternative to lithium ion

Alsym™ Energy is developing low-cost batteries for use in stationary storage and maritime shipping, followed by solutions for electric vehicles. Our proprietary technology avoids lithium and cobalt, taking advantage of readily available materials that are inherently non-flammable and non-toxic, reducing costs and increasing safety and sustainability.

Safe, affordable batteries for an electrified future

High Performance. Low-Cost. Non-Flammable. Non-Toxic.

Alsym is working to deliver performance comparable to lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the cost and risk—something no other technology can do.

Stationary Storage

Global clean energy and sustainability goals hinge on building the capacity to store electricity produced from renewable sources, as well as provide stability and consistency for power grids. The current standard, which involves amassing large numbers of lithium-ion cells in one location, is expensive and extremely hazardous.

Whether you need to store power from large solar arrays and wind farms, or manage larger datacenter and microgrid installations to take advantage of peak shaving, we’re working to develop high-performance, non-flammable batteries that provide comparable capacity with a fraction of the cost and risk.

Maritime Vessels

There’s little tolerance for hazardous battery chemistries in maritime applications. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, Alsym batteries are made from materials that are inherently non-flammable, reducing the risks to human life and cargo and helping to lower insurance costs and cumulative liabilities.

Motorcyles & Scooters

The global electric motorcycle and scooter market is set to triple by 2030. Today, over sixty million are sold every year, and most run on fossil fuels. Battery electric models are in demand, but buyers are extremely cost-sensitive and concerned about battery fires. Lithium-ion batteries in two wheelers can spontaneously combust due to poor heat dissipation—a problem that will only get worse as the world warms.

Our low-cost, non-flammable batteries are poised to be an ideal solution for the two-wheeler market, maximizing performance and profit margins while greatly improving rider safety.

Electric Vehicles

Even with recent advancements, the cost of lithium-ion batteries is roughly double what’s needed for EVs to reach cost parity with comparable internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This means that EVs are largely confined to the premium and luxury end of the market. Low-cost, high-performance Alsym batteries will enable global adoption of battery-electric vehicles across consumer and commercial segments.

Alsym Energy Large Format Battery Cell

Alsym Energy:
Safe. Sustainable. Scalable.

As the world transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the need for safe, low-cost storage is increasing rapidly. Alysm battery technology is ready to meet this demand.

Our technology addresses the unavoidable shortcomings of lithium-ion batteries, which are expensive, inherently flammable, and toxic. Alsym is working to deliver performance comparable with lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the cost and risk—a need no other technology can address.

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The Alsym team is committed to developing new battery technologies that match the performance of lithium ion at a lower cost, designed with sustainability and safety in mind.