The low-cost, non-flammable
battery storage technology

Alsym™ Energy has developed an innovative, inexpensive, high-performance rechargeable energy storage technology that’s free of lithium and cobalt, and ideal for a range of stationary storage use cases, including utility grids, home storage, microgrids, industrial applications, and more. This will be followed by future products for marine applications and EVs including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and passenger vehicles.

Alsym batteries avoid many of the issues that surround lithium-ion batteries and uses no lithium or cobalt. They are non-flammable and non-toxic by design, and are built using readily available materials with robust, uncomplicated supply chains.

Safe, affordable battery technology for an electrified future

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Alsym Energy Battery Cell

Alsym Energy batteries

Alsym’s metal-oxide battery chemistry leverages a mechanism analogous to the one found in lithium-ion batteries, with the working ion shuttling between the anode and cathode.

But while Alsym and lithium-ion cells may look similar, we take advantage of inherently non-flammable and non-toxic materials, and our electrolyte is water-based. Alsym cells are also inherently dendrite-free and immune to conditions that could lead to thermal runaway.

Lithium Ion Battery Cell

Lithium-ion batteries

In a lithium-ion cell, the working ion also shuttles between the between cathode and anode. However, lithium-ion cells use flammable organic solvents and other flammable components, and cathode materials including (but not limited to) lithium, cobalt and nickel.

This combination of materials enables high energy densities, but also makes cells vulnerable to dendrite formation that can lead to internal shorts and production of toxic, flammable gases that could lead to fires.

Applications and Use Cases

Stationary & Grid Storage

Alsym batteries can be used for a range of stationary storage use cases, including utility grids, home storage, microgrids, industrial applications, and more.

Our first product, Alsym Green, is targeting system-level energy density up to 3.4 MWh (DC) per 40′ container—higher than other non-flammable, non-lithium options on the market today.

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Marine & Maritime

Hybrid vessel applications include peak shaving, spinning reserve, low-speed arrival / departure, and hotel loads. Applications for fully-electric vessels include short-sea shipping, OSVs, harbor vessels and ferries, as well as helping to regulate output from fuel-cell systems. Alsym batteries can even be used on off-shore wind farms, oil and gas platforms, and drilling rigs.

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Passenger EVs

Alsym batteries can support full battery electric vehicles as well as traditional and plug-in hybrid applications, helping to reduce emissions for a larger number of drivers. Alsym batteries can even be sited at charging stations to store energy during low-demand, low-cost periods for later use when charging demand peaks.

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Two & Three-Wheelers

Inherently non-flammable Alsym batteries are ideal for electric scooters, motorbikes, and three-wheelers. They can replace lead-acid, NiMH and lithium-ion batteries in most applications and combine performance and safety at price points that make them affordable for nearly every buyer. Alsym batteries can be used for both internal, built-in storage and battery swapping systems.

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The Alsym team is committed to developing new battery technologies that match the performance of lithium ion at a lower cost, designed with sustainability and safety in mind.