If Alsym isn't making lithium-ion batteries, what kind of battery chemistry are you using?

We’ve developed a new battery chemistry that’s unrelated to anything currently on the market. Our metal-oxide battery chemistry leverages a mechanism analogous to the one found in lithium-ion batteries, with the working ion shuttling between the anode and cathode.

But while Alsym and lithium-ion cells work in a similar way and our cells may look similar, we take advantage of inherently non-flammable and non-toxic materials, and our electrolyte is water-based. As such, Alsym cells are inherently dendrite-free and immune to conditions that could lead to thermal runaway.

What can your batteries be used for?

Alsym batteries can be used in nearly any application where lithium iron phosphate batteries are used. This includes stationary and grid storage, marine and maritime applications, and electric vehicles including two-wheelers, three-wheelers and passenger vehicles.

Since Alsym batteries are inherently non-flammable and can operate at elevated temperatures, they’re also suitable for use in industrial applications (steel mills, chemical plants, etc.), data centers, heavy equipment, mining and more. They’re also a great option for pairing with fuel cell systems.

You describe your battery chemistry as aqueous. Does that mean you're making flow batteries?

No. We’ve designed our aqueous metal oxide batteries to take advantage of form factors and manufacturing processes used for lithium-ion batteries. As such, our cells are nearly identical when it comes to appearance and functionality. Describing our technology as aqueous means that our electrolyte is water based and we do not use flammable organic solvents common to all lithium-ion chemistries.

In comparison, flow batteries require large tanks of liquid electrolyte to store energy and a series of pumps and tubing for operation.

Are your batteries available for sale now? How much do they cost? How can I buy them?

Not yet! We are currently accepting pre-orders from OEMs and integrators, and anticipate reaching commercial-scale production in 2025.

When will samples be available for testing?

We currently anticipate making limited product samples available to pre-order and early-adopter customers in H2 2024.

Can I buy your products for my home / small business / personal watercraft?

We are not planning to sell products directly to consumers, but will rather be selling to consumer product distributors, OEMs and integrators worldwide.

Will you be selling complete storage systems for grid, marine, or home use?

We will be selling cells and rackable battery modules to storage and marine integrators. If you are developing a storage project or electrified vessel and are interested in using Alsym batteries, we are happy to work with your integrator of choice.

I'm developing a storage project or electrified vessel. Can you work directly with my preferred integrator or shipyard?

Yes! Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Can I invest in your company? What is your stock ticker?

We sincerely thank you for your interest in the future of our company, but we’re not able to accept investments from retail investors.

We are not a publicly-traded company, and have not announced any plans to go public. Please sign up for our newsletter for future announcements.

Can I be a beta tester?

Our beta program is currently open to utilities and enterprise pre-order / early-adopter customers.