A revolution in non-lithium EV battery technology

EV prices have been changing frequently due to volatility in the lithium-ion supply chain, but drivers remain concerned about the availability of charging infrastructure. This is driving increased demand for hybrid models, and putting increased attention on electric grids.

Inexpensive, non-flammable Alsym batteries are an an ideal solution for both traditional and plug-on hybrids, and can even be used to support charging stations during peak demand periods.

No lithium, no cobalt, no fires

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EV battery technology challenges

Lithium-ion batteries are inherently flammable; burning EVs are much more difficult to extinguish than gas or diesel cars, and lithium-ion batteries can reignite hours (or even days) after a fire seems to be completely over. Alsym batteries are inherently non-flammable and non-toxic, significantly reducing the risk of injuries and property damage.

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A great solution for hybrids

Hybrids have become more popular as concerns about charging infrastructure grow. Alsym batteries can support both traditional and plug-in hybrid applications, helping to reduce emissions for a larger number of drivers.

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Support for EV charging stations

In many locations the power grid lacks the generation and transmission capacity to support a fully electrified fleet. Alsym batteries can be sited at charging stations to augment the grid in these situations, storing energy during low-demand periods for later use when charging demand peaks.