Support for short, medium, and long-duration energy storage technology needs

Electricity generation is shifting to renewables, but on their own, renewables can only be relied on for supplemental or backup power. It is only when wind and solar are coupled with energy storage that service level agreements (SLAs) supporting 24×7 delivery become possible and renewables can be considered as a primary power source.

High RTE, software-configurable discharge rates

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Wide Duration Storage

Alsym Offers Wide-Duration Storage

Alsym batteries can be used for any discharge duration from 4 to 110 hours, and can recharge in as few as 4 hours. This means Alsym batteries can easily be used for short, medium, and long-duration storage without the need for additional technologies (we call this wide-duration storage). They combine high energy and high round-trip efficiency with a minimal footprint to offer low, industry-leading levelized cost of storage (LCOS). And unlike some dedicated long-duration storage technologies which lose 40% of charge per month, Alsym batteries have high long-term energy retention similar to lithium-ion.


* Capable of extended discharge durations but generally considered impractical beyond 6 hours due to high installed costs. ** Primarily intended for grid firming and occasional long-term sun/wind droughts. Extremely limited rate capability necessitates considerable system oversizing for durations below 100+ hours.

Inexpensive, high performance, non-flammable

As high-profile storage fires become more common, governments and communities are working to delay or even block new storage installations. Safer options exist, but most have low energy densities and low power with large footprints. This reduces viability in cities where land is expensive–assuming it’s even available. But siting large battery installations in rural areas means building new transmission capability, which is also expensive.

With system-level capacities similar to lithium-ion and the ability to operate at elevated temperatures, Alsym is the only high-performance, non-flammable battery storage option capable of replacing lithium-ion in urban areas.

Use Cases

Applications and Use Cases

Alsym batteries can be used for a range of stationary storage use cases, including utility grids, home storage, microgrids, industrial applications, and more.

Our first product, Alsym Green, is targeting system-level energy density up to 3.4 MWh (DC) per 40′ container—higher than other non-flammable, non-lithium options on the market today.

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A Safer Option for Home Storage

Homeowners worldwide are replacing noisy, polluting gas and propane generators with clean, quiet home battery systems. These systems are also being paired with new solar installations to help reduce grid dependence during night and evening hours. With Alsym batteries, solar and storage installers have a high-performance, non-flammable option to offer customers who may be concerned about safety risks associated with lithium-ion batteries.