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OEMs and Integrators Wanted!

We’re partnering with OEMs and integrators in the EV, stationary / grid storage, and maritime / marine industries, with a goal of beta testing in 2023 and high-volume production in 2025. Interested in how our low-cost, non-flammable cells might work for your applications? Get in touch!

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Q: How can I invest in your company as an individual? What is your stock ticker?
A: We sincerely thank you for your interest in the future of our company, but we’re not able to accept investments from retail investors.

We are not a publicly-traded company, and have not announced any plans to go public. Please sign up for our newsletter for future announcements.

Q: Are your batteries available for sale now? How much do they cost? Where can I buy them?
A: Not yet! We are currently working to develop pre-order relationships with OEMs and integrators, and anticipate reaching high-volume production in 2025.

Q: Can I be a beta tester?
A: Our beta program will only be available to our pre-order customers.